• Title Sfioro the stone grate for the pool
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    The flexible stone grid for your pool, elegant and performing. We have designed Sfioro, a modular system of grids in natural stone. The system is customizable and can be used for marble, stone, granite in all shapes and finishes. Sfioro was created to reduce the cost of creating special or custom-made elements and solve the problem of creating different shapes for swimming pools. Customizable in shape, size, material and finish. Sfioro is born AN INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY patented by Ramella Graniti.

    The advantages:

    - Quick and easy installation even without expert personnel

    - Easily removable modular elements for cleaning and inspection

    - Stone and granite guarantee hygiene and resistance to atmospheric agents and chlorine

    - Naturally non-slip and anti-aging materials

    - Excellent capacity and mechanical resistance to shocks and stresses

    - Each element is designed to allow the correct drainage and outflow of chlorinated water to avoid stagnation which could generate mold and fungi

    - It does not need to take measurements with templates, reducing the design cost - Adaptable to any type of line, it reduces the cost of curved pieces with savings of up to 50%

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