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Sandblasting and cleaning

Sand blasting is the most popular and utilized system for removing dirt patinas. It’s been the first tool utilised which has become widely used in different kind of material such as glass, cement, marbles, stones and stainless steel. The equipment used has changed and improved over the years. Currently hydro sand blaster machines are available in the market or close circuit types which can reabsorb almost all the dust generated by scraping off operation and the sand itself. It’s also possible to carry out cleaning operation at our location for floor tiles, solid blocks, columns, etc. with high performance equipment allowing cost savings, quicker execution time with excellent results.

Other cleaning methods: chemical treatments

This new procedure allows room for the recovery of artistic elements and more. Less invading than sand blasting, it doesn’t require the use of big equipment and wouldn’t cause dust pollution nearby the work site. With the use of appropriate chemicals for each type of material, it possible to achieve good results.

Innovative methods: Shot blasting

In 2003 Ramella Graniti were among the first companies to perceive the potential of the shot blasting machines with all their advantages such as: speed, capability to work on materials with a minimum of 1cm thickness, antique effect of the tiles edges. By that time our company installed such equipment for working on floors and solid blocks. Recently there’s a bigger machine meant for slabs of up to 200cm in width and 40cm thickness. Apart from the economical advantages, there are other benefits such as working for third parties on “old” sets of slabs or cut out polished elements to give them a revamped appearance. It’s also possible to carry out stripping of paint from steel structures like gates, hand rails, heating radiators, girders etc. The shot blasting process is suitable for granite and marble slabs. This method produces a natural effect on the surface (top face and edges) of the slabs which is similar to the traditional bush hammering and flaming process but at a much cheaper cost and higher execution speed. Works done on capitals (diamond bit), copings, staircases, kerb stones can reach a cost saving of more than 50% compared to flaming and of 80% as against bush hammering.

Manual methods with honing and brushing machines

It’s possible to carry out an effective cleaning of floors, wall linings, columns, balconies etc. which isn’t invasive and does not require the use of water or sand.


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