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Our services to carry out your projects
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From the study and design with 3D technology, to the digital survey of the measures, to the realization and consultancy on materials, finishes and treatments. We carry out works for new projects and new structures, we perform partial or complete restyling to modify and transform existing structures and environments. We collaborate with design studios working on drawings and CAD files to offer customized solutions.


To offer a better service Cutting-edge technology. With the digital  instruments we have expanded the range of our services.

Our equipment allows us to:

- make fast and accurate measurements, both on site and  at the  firm

- eliminate mistakes and avoid waste

- reduce the need to create templates.

- handle measurements and projects with software, to help improve the efficiency of business processes

- increase the quality, quantity and variety of projects and works.

Laying and maintenance

The installation of the cube highlights the fundamental importance of the job of the tiler / paver since, considering the innumerable processing possibilities and the qualities of this precious material in the context of projects for the recovery and enhancement of historic and urban centers, the The role of the installer requires a level of specialization that guarantees seriousness and respect for traditional rules.


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