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Kind of Marbles

Màrmaros, in ancient Greek means \"shining stone\" and marble is in fact a metamorphic stone capable of reflecting light in different ways, resulting limpid and translucent, according to an effect defined as \"wax\". Adopting a marble kitchen top is equivalent to giving the room a different look, also helping to facilitate hygiene.

Furthermore, it means opting for a timeless material: the elegance of marble never goes out of fashion. This is due to its natural characteristics, i.e. the fact that it is a crystalline limestone rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which makes it porous. If this feature means that the marble kitchen top does not absorb liquids, it must be said, however, that the material is sensitive to food acids and can be scratched with some ease. The marble can be finished in various finishes, from polished to bush-hammered, in order to adapt to various uses: from internal flooring to outdoor artifacts.


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