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The flexible stone grate for your swimming pool

The flexible stone grate for your swimming pool

Elegant and performant

Water and stone have always shaped each other in nature, creating fascinating shapes that can amaze. Inspired by this concept, we have designed Sfioro, a modular system of natural stone grate.

The system is customizable and usable for natural stone, granite in any shape and finishing.  Sfioro was thought to reduce the costs of producing special  elements and to solve the problem of creating different shapes of swimming pools.
Customizable in shape, size, material and finishing.
Sfioro is the evolution of natural stone pool edges.

Prodotti Sfioro


Realizzazioni Bordi Piscina e Griglia Sfioro


Why choose a flexible stone grate ?

The different combinations of materials and finishes give to the pool an elegant and refined touch.

A less impactful and more performing natural alternative to plastic grates.

The advantages:

- Easy and quick installation. No labor experienced assistance required

- Modular elements easily removeable for cleaning and inspection

- Natural stone and granite ensure hygiene and resistance to atmospheric agents and chlorine

- Naturally non-slip and anti-aging material

- Excellent load bearing and mechanical resistance to shock and stress

- Each element is designed to allow the proper drain and outflow of chlorinated water to prevent stagnation which could cause mold and mildew

- Does not require site measurements with templates, therefore reducing the processing cost

- Adaptable to any type of edge layout, reduced cost of curved elements with savings of up to 50%

The system is made up of about 1 m. long sections, completely independent from each other

An innovative technology

that has been patented

Certify to guarantee

Innovation means finding new solutions and guaranteeing results.

Alongside the patent, these are our certifications 

• Slip resistance: slip class R 12 (excellent) ramp method with shod feet

• Slip resistance: slip class C (excellent) ramp method with wet areas crossed with bare feet

Resistance to chlorine: in a concentration equal to 1.8 mg/l that is the maximum concentration allowed for swimming pools, with a visual test method: no sign was found.

• Microbiological control: good and discrete measured parameters, between 1 and 6 UFC/24cm2 at 36 ° and between 32 and 40 UFC/24cm2 at 22 ° analytical method M 186.

• Flexural strength: with UNI EN 12372 method: Breaking 208.86 kg / cm2 - 5500 N.

All tests were performed on samples of Luserna stone. 


......to create personalised solutions

Suitable for different contexts

On manhole  covers and drainage channels, Sfioro CarGo is customizable in  finishings, dimensions and materials.

The support section can be made ad hoc and is adaptable to most of the existing channels.

A special support in stone or steel can be provided as a guide to place the the Sfioro CarGo grate.


UNI EN 1433: 2008

The grates Sfioro CarGo  can be certified according to the UNI EN 1433: 2008  European standard in resistance class B 125 and marked CE. Sfioro CarGo can be used for roadways, pedestrian streets, docks and car parks. 

Through certification and CE marking, quality production processes, compliance to reference and safety specifications are guaranteed thanks to periodic monitoring.


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