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We are available to satisfy every request in the field of interior and exterior stone furnishings for the home, to meet every supply need in the stone field, with the production of semi-finished and finished products for construction, furniture, design, works of art. , road, hydraulic, funeral works and with a particular specialization in the processing of large pieces, monuments and street furniture.
  • Residential

    Natural stone is a material with a great personality, which is suitable for interior and exterior furnishings.

  • Art and Design

    Stones, granites, marbles are living materials that breathe and transform. Contemporary designers have interpreted the materials and giving life to unique works.

  • Companies and Industries

    The experience gained in over 70 years of work allows us to offer customized solutions to multiple needs. We are a reliable partner.

  • Urban furniture

    Street furniture plays a fundamental role in the quality of cities and suburbs.

  • Sacred Art - Churches - Monuments

    Tailor-made solutions in different materials and types, designed to meet different needs and requests.

  • Workmanship for third parties and machinery

    We offer you our services to carry out your projects. We follow you step by step in every step of the design.

  • Swimming pools, hotels and SPA

    The eternal charm of natural stone: luxury and beauty attention to detail is necessary in companies, hotels and spas, which is why design experts often choose stone for personalized and sustainable furnishings.

  • Various

    We operate in different sectors, studying tailor-made solutions based on different needs.


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