• Title Grate in stone for pedestrian and vehicular traffic Sfioro Cargo Villa il Ciabot
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    The grotto&buscagliaarchitetti studio has also chosen the “Sfioro CarGo” stone grate for the spectacular Villa “Il Ciabot” project. In the Bessa nature reserve with the nZEB villa, Matteo and Cristiano have managed to reconcile the rigor of contemporary architecture with the natural environment. An ambitious project that has given life to a futuristic building with a very low environmental impact.

    Sfioro CarGo Urbano is the pedestrian and vehicular stone grate suitable for both public and private spaces. The Sfioro CarGo Urbano was born from the same overflow technology, designed to drain rainwater from squares, car parks, garages, courtyards, gardens and squares. Thanks to the natural characteristics of the stone which allow resistance to loads, chemical and atmospheric agents, longevity and formal elegance, the Sfioro CarGo modular grates are very interesting for new constructions or replacements of damaged and obsolete grates and drains. The modules of Sfioro CarGo are easily removable for inspection and cleaning and adapt to any type of pre-existing trunking or support. The CarGo module is made with thicker components than the Sfioro.

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