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    From the same technology as "Sfioro", a modular and flexible grid completely made of stone for the outflow of water into swimming pools, "Sfioro CarGo" was born, designed to drain and drain rainwater from squares, car parks, garages, courtyards, gardens and squares . By making elements with greater thickness, "Sfioro CarGo" becomes pedestrian and vehicular. Thanks to the natural characteristics of the stone, resistance to loads, chemical and atmospheric agents, longevity and elegance, the Sfioro CarGo modular grates are even more captivating for new constructions or replacements of damaged and obsolete grates and drains. Customizable in finishes, dimensions and materials, easily removable for inspection and cleaning, they adapt to any type of pre-existing trunking or support. The flexibility increases its resistance and allows it to be used even in sections with changes in slope and on bends. WE OFFER TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS. The support section is customizable and adaptable to most existing ducts. We can also supply a stone or steel support as a guide for placing the CarGo Overflow grille. The Overflow Cargo system was patented by Ramella Graniti.

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