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Presentation Opera 3D Mountains

Ramella Graniti Presentation Opera 3D Mountains

Adopt the Mountains in 3D

There were so many of you, you made us happy.????

Thanks to all friends, collaborators and customers. A special thanks to the availability of Elena Chiorino who is increasingly committed to supporting our Made in Italy.

Last night we shared with you the national and international projects closed in 2023.

We presented the three-dimensional work Montagne 3D obtained from a single block of Syenite granite, created using a latest generation numerical control machine. We told you about the creation of 19 elements of street furniture for the safety of the city of London for which 30 blocks of Indian red granite were worked and the creation and installation of the Banquet Table by the artists Anne and Patrick Poirier. A 25 meter long monument created for the Municipality of Orleans. ‼