• Weight per unit of volume 2690 kg/m3
  • Simple compression breaking load2428 kg/cm2
  • Wear due to sliding friction0,88 mm
  • Imbibition coefficient (by weight)0,39 %
  • Flexural strength15.4 MPa
  • DESCRIPTIONSienite is a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock with a general composition similar to that of granite, but deficient in quartz, which, if present at all, occurs in relatively small concentrations (<5%).
Sienite Polished
Sienite Bush Hammered and Brushed
Sienite Bush hammered
Sienite Flamed and Brushed
Sienite Flamed
Sienite Shot Blasted and Brushed
Sienite Shot Blasted
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